Competitive Edge

In today’s ultra competitive economy, the need for top talent has never been more critical.  Organizations large and small are searching for professionals who will provide them with a strategic advantage in the marketplace and impact their bottom line.  At TechHi, we have the size, international reach, vast resources and proven track record that allow our team of Project Directors, Researchers, and Recruiters to quickly identify and attract the best global talent.  We have unrivaled access to leading executives around the world.

In addition to our scale and global reach, our clients quickly recognize the value of TechHi Consultant’s sectoral specialization.  Headed by seasoned experts in their respective sectors, the TechHi team delivers compelling and impactful hiring solutions to organizations in various industry sectors. 

To maximize efficiency, our practice has been divided into different divisions, with each division specializing in servicing the staffing needs of a specific industry sector.  Each one of these TechHi divisions is populated with experts from within that particular industry.  The end result of this sectoral specialization is that each one of our divisions delivers compelling and timely results to our vast client base.